Confidence in Research

Your voice needs to be heard

We invite you to add your personal experiences, anecdotes, perspectives and insights to the voices in this campaign. Your testimonial  adds colour and context to the factual information from our previous report. Feel free to tell your side of the story passionately and in your own way. We encourage you to be authentic and candid in your recordings.

By sharing your experiences and perspectives around the selected topics, you are contributing to a richer, more nuanced understanding of research practices. You are helping to make research more accessible, transparent, and relatable. Whether your research journey has been filled with successes or challenges, your story is valuable, and it can contribute to building a stronger and more confident research community.

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Confidence in Research

Personal stories from early career researchers

The first step of the Confidence in Research initiative focused on reporting facts and figures, providing valuable insights into factors influencing Confidence in Research.

This time, we invite researchers like you to share your perspective on the issues that were highlighted by our report.

“Stories Behind the Facts” is a self-recorded interview series that will be added to the topic sections on The stories will be presented in full video format, sound-bites and quotes shareable on social media.

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How it works

Camera setup

Have the camera still, in a place where it is easily supported

Choose a quiet environment where you feel comfortable

Use selfie mode to make sure you're in view and in the right framing

Record where there is natural daylight, and ensure the light is not behind you

Prepare your story

Consider your personal experience or opinions on being visible in the public domain, countering misinformation, and peer review

Articulate your story and your thoughts in your own words

Prepare a version focusing on the most important elements of your experience and the changes you would like to see

Feel free to revisit the existing videos for inspiration

Record Videos

Frame your face in the top half of the screen

Keep the camera as steady as possible

Feel free to record multiple takes

Upload files

Share your files with our design team at this Dropbox account

Approve final edit

We will share an edited version of the video with you for final approval. If at any point you wish to remove your video from the campaign, let us know via the same address from which you received the edited video.


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Why contribute?

Be heard
We want to give a voice to researchers' experiences. This is a chance to join a global conversation

It's at your discretion
If you want to withdraw your contribution at any point you will be free to do so

Drive change
Our goal is to facilitate change around the issues raised in the report. By adding your voice you can help shape that change

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